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A Treatise: The Digestive Connection to Emotional Disharmony

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

The Connection between digestion and the emotions, is not common knowledge to the West. This article gives a simplified and comprehensive discussion on the digestive process and the organs involved and how wear and tear can be reduced for longevity purposes. The treatise will include common impediments to the digestive pathway which cause suffering and ill health ~ and we will demonstrate an effortless solution which requires only discipline and a willingness to try. The mental anguish from hunger will be solved at their core and a simple under-the-radar recipe will be provided to help relieve hunger symptoms.

The necessity of Fasting for health and longevity will be explained, and how to approach it effortlessly and painlessly Once the simplified model of the digestive process is understood, we will elucidate the prime objective of this treatise: the digestive systems connection to emotional disharmonies which are alarmingly common in our times.

It will be explained, according to ancient eastern medicine, how all emotional illness is rooted in unawareness of, and misuse of the digestive organs.

This can be simply solved and emotional can be effortlessly harmonized with proper understanding and a little bit of discipline. I have included at the end of the article nutritional shortcuts for receiving sufficient sustenance with minimal digestive work, useful herbal remedies, daily meal suggestions and other miscellaneous tips.

I hope this knowledge will help you as it has changed my life for the Good! immeasurably beyond expectation!

Chapter 1: The Natural Law of Wear and tear

  • The more you use something, the more wear and tear it encounters. And this is what shortens its lifetime.

  • When an organic living forms is undergoing work, it produces heat, i.e. A running person produces heat in his body, through use of movement the muscles.

This heat is then transferred to nearby objects, according to the laws entropy an heat transfer, heat will heat up a cooler objects, liquid or air particles in its vicinity

Therefore we deduce:

  • A living form when undergoing movement or some kind and a living thing receiving heat via transfer from a nearby object creates wear and tear on this organism, thus shortening its lifetime.

General rule:

As Use increases ~ wear and tear increases ~ lifetime shortens / is used up

The opposite is also true:

Rest ~ delays wear and tear ~ maintains health (also can increase it due to the bodies built in self healing mechanisms during rest ~ therefore reduces the affects of shortening of life time from use.

Chapter 2. The Organs:

Chapter 3: The Organs of Digestion:

Chapter 4: The Digestive Process Simplified:

Chapter 5: Food Combinations Explained:

Chapter 6: The Effects of Drinking and Eating Together:

Chapter 7: Eating large Portions of Healthy Foods in the Correct Combinations:

Chapter 8: Solid Foods vs Liquid Foods

Chapter 9: The Mind's Challenging "Hunger Games":

Chapter 10: Fasting:

Chapter 11: digestion and the emotions

Chapter 12: sleeping and digestion

Chapter 13: nutrition solutions and shortcuts

Chapter 14: meal ideas

Chapter 15: artificial chemicals in food and inorganic produce

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The Digestive Connection to Emotional Disharmony

The Connection between digestion and the emotions, is not common knowledge in the west. This article will begin with a simplified yet comprehensive discussion on the digestive process and the organs i

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