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Meet The Happy Tzadikim,

In a land of animals, Jewish and sweet,

Live 13 creatures, with a lesson to teach,

Each one displays a value so rare,

To give, to help, to love and to care!

Ari the owl is wise and bright,

He studies The Torah, day and night,

A rabbit rabbi who is kind and fun,

does deeds of kindness until the day is done.

With vibrant illustrations and stories so sweet,

This book for sure is a wonderful treat,

For the little Yidden who want to learn and grow,

"The Happy Tzadikim" is the way to go!, the happy tzadikim, the hidden tzadikim, Shlomo's,

Embark on a Journey,

Within Shlomo's mind.

As he uncovers the secrets,

Of Ha's Oneness through time.

From the majesty of creation,

To a Shabbas in exile.

Each page will enchant you,

With its playful, sweet rhyme.

So open it up,

And enter a dream,

Of Ha's Wondersome Love,

Between Shlomo and He.


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