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Judah Rabbit


My name is Yehudah Rabbit

i like nature and.... 

Judah's  Story

The outskirts of gentle forest are deep shades of green, lush oaks thin pine trees reach to the skies and myriads of bird can bird heard chirping away their sweet melodies in the Heavens.


Little Judah rabbit was crawling in the thick grass when a giant ladybug planted itself on his nose, he looked inwards and his heart softened as he apprecialed the bright rainbow swirls on the shells of the ladybugs rested wings. “Hello”, said the ladybug, “it is such a beautful day to flap about”.

Judah watched as she spread her wings once more and lifted off into the air. “Follow me” she said circling Judah and then gliding into gentle forest shrubbery.


Judah did not take his eyes of the bright bug, hurriedly he moved one arm infont of the next, paying no attention to the constantly changing forest scenery. The lady bug then flew up, into the tree tops until it was out of site. Judah wanted to return to KT home but he was lost.


The Elder Oak of Gentle forest has been around since the forest first begun to sprout, he had been sitting in place for centuries watch creatures explore and helping them along the way. All the trees respected elder Oak because of his thick branches would absorb so much nutrition from the earths crust, that he was able to share it around with the neaby herbiture, he even has a mystical power to heal other trees on the other side of the forrest when then feel sick or where infected with bugs.


Elder Oak sensed Judah kind heart wondered why his mood had suddenly switched from bubbly joy solemn hopelessness, the big tree ruffled his branches and in a soft crusty voice asked, “my Dear young rabbit, what seems to have darkened your mood today”.

“I’m lost Mr. Oakley sir, and i don’t how i will ever return home”.


Under the ground all the forrest plants could communicate with each outher through their webbed root structures, sending vibration messages through the soil to their nearby plant friends and family.

The great Oak went under and called to the forrest mushrooms in the northern forest direction, “mushroom colonies, you are being summoned for an honourable mission”.


1 The mushrooms where all babies, sprount with the rains, and the biggest one living only a matter of weeks, they bowed their tops in respect to the great oak “how can we be of service elder oak?” They asked.

“We have here a innocent lovely young rabbit by the name of Judah, and he does not now how to return home to KT village, i ask you please, light the way for our dear friend with your lovely glowing lumincent tops, act guideposts for Judah until he returns to his loving family”.

Deep in the forest the dense cluster of trees and herbature block the suns rays from reaching the earth, when the mushrooms lit up the a clear path appeared for Little Judah between colourful lamp-posts which curling into the darkness of the forrest.


Other furry creatures creeped out from behind the trees to have a look at the magnificent light display. And together as one the forrest helped Judah return to his loved ones waiting from him at home.


Back home Mother Yehuda rabbit was so worried about her lost bunny that she had to sit down and close her eyes and just breath to settle her mind, she heard the door creek open and to her joy Judah was crawling in curled up in vines of lush green herb, a smile was spread wide across his face which made his mother heart flutter with mother admiration. Little Judah told his mother with such enthusiasm of his enjoyable time being lost in the forest with all his new treefriends, “when i grow up i what to become a natural doctor, and help the trees and the animals of gentle forest, just like they help me today” he exclaimed. And Judah kept his word to this day, he doesn’t even charge them leaf money, nor even one wooden cent. Its only fair he humbly explains, “because they don’t charge any living being for the endless fresh supply of oxygen which they produce for them to live and breath everyday.”


Morale: It is a scientific fact that all plants are alive and are communicating with us and each other all the time, it is scientfically proven that they dont use words like us and understood that they comunicate with subtle feelings. And it is because of all the oxygen which they help produce for us at each and every moment that we can continue to breath and enjoy life.

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